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Practice Area
1.1 Cost Reduction & Rationalization
1.2 Architecture, Data & Platform Design
1.3 Rapid Defect Elimination
1.4 Virtual CTO, Architect, or Other Specialists to Augment Team
1.5 Scorpion Cloud Solutions Suite
2.1 Technology Market Assessment, Vision and Roadmap Development
2.2 Business Intelligence and Optimization
2.3 Execution Strategy - In-house, Out-sourcing & Off-shoring
2.4 (M&A) - Pre-deal Due Diligence & Integration Plan
2.5 Globalization
2.6 Governance, Compliance & QA/Risk Management Plan
3.1 Assessment, Requirements & Roadmap Development
3.2 Technology & Vendor Due Diligence
3.3 Business Intelligence and Optimization
3.4 Staff Development and Team Building
3.5 End-to-end Execution - Project Management & Delivery Expertise
4.1 Business Vision Definition
4.2 Technology & Vendor Due Diligence
4.3 Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Process and
4.4 Proprietary Development or 3rd Party Software Integration
4.5 Systems Configuration, Version Control, Build & Release Management
4.6 Monitoring, Alerting & Diagnostics
4.7 Compliance/Regulatory/Audit (SOX, SSAE 16, PCI, HIPAA)
5.1 Decommissioning/Cost Savings Realization
5.2 Quality Assurance Process and Methodology
5.3 Compliance/Regulatory/Audit (SOX, SSAE 16, PCI, HIPAA)
5.4 Software Tools, Infrastructure and Security
5.5 Security, Backup, Disaster Recovery, Redundancy/Failover
6.1 End-to-end Execution - Project Management & Delivery Expertise
6.2 Change Management
6.3 Execution Strategy - In-house, Out-sourcing & Off-shoring
6.4 Technology & Vendor Due Diligence
6.5 Staff Development and Team Building
6.6 Roll-out & Training/Knowledge Transfer
7.1 Product Solutions
Cloud Migration & Admin Services

The Scorpion-Cloud Solution Suite is a suite of tools and a methodology to leverage the power of global cloud computing and virtualization of hardware. This Suite enables the user to safely assess the benefits and compatibility of their systems and implement a plan to safely migrate their systems to a cloud infrastructure. Ongoing administration solutions for the cloud, including vertical and horizontal expansion and contraction, reduce costs to a point of paying only for what computing resources the enterprise uses. The result is order of magnitude cost reductions.


   • Save up to 70% of datacenter and operational support overhead

   • Increase uptime to 99.999% with inter-cloud real-time synchronization

   • Safe migration to the cloud, including reverse engineering of current       legacy or undocumented systems

   • Up to 40% increase in the productivity of QA and Development staff       due to the rapid deployment of new environments on request

   • Infinite scalability on demand is available at a reduced cost

   • Event management issues (yield's, thread locking or starvation)

   • Disaster recovery, Business Resilience, Offsite Data Backup and       Recovery, Security and monitoring are now outsourced to the cloud       provider, thereby reducing substantial overhead costs

   • Automated SAS70 compliance levels are now inherited from the cloud       provider

   • PCI compliance is now achievable with the cloud, depending on       application setup

   • Clean, exact replica QA, DEV and PROD environments can now be       produced within 20 minutes

   • Co-location caches for rapid response times to your customers

   • Easy ability to add new companies or do a carve out

How This is Achieved:

In the cloud you pay only for the resources you use, nothing more. Track and pay for memory, storage and processing power only when you need it. In the cloud you spin up exactly what your system needs at any given time and you can horizontally scale up and down application servers or replicated database servers on demand

   •Cloud computing eliminates the need for you to own and maintain your      own hardware and operating systems

   •Licensing models from providers allow you to purchase licenses by the hour      like you pay for cloud instances, so you won't have to maintain server      licenses for your theoretical maximum

   •Cloud computing resources can be assigned to regions in East and      Western North America, Europe and Asia Pacific thus providing a quick      response time to your users location

The SCS-Cloud Tool Kit Includes:

   •Detailed custom Cloud Calculator so you can accurately estimate your      savings and month to month costs over time, even allowing for user, data      and bandwidth growth curves

   •Source code and monitoring solutions for automated horizontal and vertical      scaling and contraction

   •A methodology for organizational change and governance within the      company to implement SCS-Cloud

   •Migration procedures for safely migrating from your current state to the      Cloud while avoiding downtime and maintaining a failback plan

   •Training materials for the deployment of Cloud instances

   •Documented checklist of elements needed to achieve PCI compliance within      the Cloud

   •A set of design tools and scripts for the automated management, building      and provisioning of systems