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Practice Area
1.1 Cost Reduction & Rationalization
1.2 Architecture, Data & Platform Design
1.3 Rapid Defect Elimination
1.4 Virtual CTO, Architect, or Other Specialists to Augment Team
2.1 Technology Market Assessment, Vision and Roadmap Development
2.2 Business Intelligence and Optimization
2.3 Execution Strategy - In-house, Out-sourcing & Off-shoring
2.4 (M&A) - Pre-deal Due Diligence & Integration Plan
2.5 Globalization
2.6 Governance, Compliance & QA/Risk Management Plan
3.1 Assessment, Requirements & Roadmap Development
3.2 Technology & Vendor Due Diligence
3.3 Business Intelligence and Optimization
3.4 Staff Development and Team Building
3.5 End-to-end Execution - Project Management & Delivery Expertise
4.1 Business Vision Definition
4.2 Technology & Vendor Due Diligence
4.3 Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Process and
4.4 Proprietary Development or 3rd Party Software Integration
4.5 Systems Configuration, Version Control, Build & Release Management
4.6 Monitoring, Alerting & Diagnostics
4.7 Compliance/Regulatory/Audit (SOX, SSAE 16, PCI, HIPAA)
5.1 Decommissioning/Cost Savings Realization
5.2 Quality Assurance Process and Methodology
5.3 Compliance/Regulatory/Audit (SOX, SSAE 16, PCI, HIPAA)
5.4 Software Tools, Infrastructure and Security
5.5 Security, Backup, Disaster Recovery, Redundancy/Failover
6.1 End-to-end Execution - Project Management & Delivery Expertise
6.2 Change Management
6.3 Execution Strategy - In-house, Out-sourcing & Off-shoring
6.4 Technology & Vendor Due Diligence
6.5 Staff Development and Team Building
6.6 Roll-out & Training/Knowledge Transfer
7.1 Product Solutions
Decommissioning/Cost Savings Realization

Sometimes a company finds itself under tremendous pressure to deliver IT projects or stabilize an environment that is out of control. Scorpion provides rapid resolution for companies with imperiled technology or projects that require an urgent turnaround to prevent potential collapse, insolvency, loss of customers or market share. Using diagnostic tools as well as a project management plan for rapid turnaround, Scorpion acts as an interim manager to get your projects and/or technologies back on track. We quickly analyze what maneuvering options are available by answering questions such as:

   • What is the true status of current projects underway and their       remaining budgets?

   • What were the root causes of the situation and what remedies are       needed to rectify it?

   • Which components can be salvaged and repaired?
      Which components must be rewritten?

   • What new or alternative approaches should be implemented?

   • How should the resources and staff be reorganized to optimize the       time remaining?

   • How is all this best managed under an accelerated parallel timetable?

Example: US Manufacturing Software Company

A large scale manufacturing software company (ERP) had achieved 50% market share in the US with their 20 year old, English-only product. They faced tough competition for the remaining 50% market share and were faced with the choice of spending their strategic budget on gaining another 5% US market share, or spending the same budget on globalization to increase their global market share. They decided to go global but time and budgets were running out as the competition was closing in.

A Japanese and Chinese version of the product needed to be created fast, but this was a 10,000 screen, 20 million line of code, 20 year old product. The estimate for globalizing the product was $5m and 24 months. Scorpion experts applied their knowledge and tools in this niche industry with spectacular results. The system was translated, developed, tested, deployed, sold and installed in the first customer site in 6 months for less than $1m, realizing a $4 million and 18 months to market savings. The company’s product was more successful in Asia than in the US and a fortune 100 Asian company bought the US Company as a result