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Practice Area
1.1 Cost Reduction & Rationalization
1.2 Architecture, Data & Platform Design
1.3 Rapid Defect Elimination
1.4 Virtual CTO, Architect, or Other Specialists to Augment Team
2.1 Technology Market Assessment, Vision and Roadmap Development
2.2 Business Intelligence and Optimization
2.3 Execution Strategy - In-house, Out-sourcing & Off-shoring
2.4 (M&A) - Pre-deal Due Diligence & Integration Plan
2.5 Globalization
2.6 Governance, Compliance & QA/Risk Management Plan
3.1 Assessment, Requirements & Roadmap Development
3.2 Technology & Vendor Due Diligence
3.3 Business Intelligence and Optimization
3.4 Staff Development and Team Building
3.5 End-to-end Execution - Project Management & Delivery Expertise
4.1 Business Vision Definition
4.2 Technology & Vendor Due Diligence
4.3 Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Process and
4.4 Proprietary Development or 3rd Party Software Integration
4.5 Systems Configuration, Version Control, Build & Release Management
4.6 Monitoring, Alerting & Diagnostics
4.7 Compliance/Regulatory/Audit (SOX, SSAE 16, PCI, HIPAA)
5.1 Decommissioning/Cost Savings Realization
5.2 Quality Assurance Process and Methodology
5.3 Compliance/Regulatory/Audit (SOX, SSAE 16, PCI, HIPAA)
5.4 Software Tools, Infrastructure and Security
5.5 Security, Backup, Disaster Recovery, Redundancy/Failover
6.1 End-to-end Execution - Project Management & Delivery Expertise
6.2 Change Management
6.3 Execution Strategy - In-house, Out-sourcing & Off-shoring
6.4 Technology & Vendor Due Diligence
6.5 Staff Development and Team Building
6.6 Roll-out & Training/Knowledge Transfer
7.1 Product Solutions
(M&A) - Pre-deal Due Diligence & Integration Plan

Scorpion can handle end-to-end M&A planning and post-merger integration for:

   • Singular acquisition through corporate consolidation

   • Venture capital or private equity target identification

   • Highest-and-best value portfolio accumulation

Target Identification and Due Diligence

Scorpion assists with evaluation of how a single company or set of companies may best fit into the strategic portfolio of a given corporate or venture capital entity. We evaluate how the technology offering fits or doesn’t fit the client organization’s market position and value delivery strategy. We then we do an intensive due diligence assessment on the architecture, applications, source code and the relative strengths and weaknesses of the offering versus other competitors in the marketplace. This assessment also calculates total cost of ownership (TCO) and integration for potential acquisitions to avoid surprises later such as major “rewrite” development work to integrate newly acquired systems with existing systems. At the conclusion of due diligence, we indicate whether the potential target delivers the desired value or not. In fact, we create a relative value ranking score on how a particular target company stacks up against other targets, given a deep understanding of the client’s strategic and economic objectives for the target.

Pre-Merger Planning

Once an acquisition target has been identified and the due diligence process completed, Scorpion assists the client in preparing a merger planning document that:

   • Assembles strategic rationale for the acquisition (i.e., market       penetration, acquisition of additional customer base and revenue,       etc.)

   • Identifies synergies to be achieved (i.e., elimination of duplicate or       redundant resources, administrative consolidations, systems       efficiencies, and resultant cost savings)

   • Extrapolates future ability of the combined operation to justify the       acquisition premium through operating cash flow contribution within       a       certain period of time.

A system integration plan is developed after mapping how the combined operations will fit into the business process model. This plan focuses on:

   • Merging the chart of accounts between the two operations into a       single, GAAP-approved chart of accounts for a unified closing at the       time of the official merger

   • Mapping both organizations’ process in high-level flow charts and       inventorying related systems supported to determine their ability to       collaborate or be consolidated effectively.

Post-Merger Integration

Once the acquisition has been approved and the above planning efforts are complete, Scorpion manages the execution of the integration, including risk management, change management, development and testing. Scorpion experience and techniques dramatically reduces time to complete the integration, minimizing any disruption to the business.