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Practice Area
1.1 Cost Reduction & Rationalization
1.2 Architecture, Data & Platform Design
1.3 Rapid Defect Elimination
1.4 Virtual CTO, Architect, or Other Specialists to Augment Team
2.1 Technology Market Assessment, Vision and Roadmap Development
2.2 Business Intelligence and Optimization
2.3 Execution Strategy - In-house, Out-sourcing & Off-shoring
2.4 (M&A) - Pre-deal Due Diligence & Integration Plan
2.5 Globalization
2.6 Governance, Compliance & QA/Risk Management Plan
3.1 Assessment, Requirements & Roadmap Development
3.2 Technology & Vendor Due Diligence
3.3 Business Intelligence and Optimization
3.4 Staff Development and Team Building
3.5 End-to-end Execution - Project Management & Delivery Expertise
4.1 Business Vision Definition
4.2 Technology & Vendor Due Diligence
4.3 Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Process and
4.4 Proprietary Development or 3rd Party Software Integration
4.5 Systems Configuration, Version Control, Build & Release Management
4.6 Monitoring, Alerting & Diagnostics
4.7 Compliance/Regulatory/Audit (SOX, SSAE 16, PCI, HIPAA)
5.1 Decommissioning/Cost Savings Realization
5.2 Quality Assurance Process and Methodology
5.3 Compliance/Regulatory/Audit (SOX, SSAE 16, PCI, HIPAA)
5.4 Software Tools, Infrastructure and Security
5.5 Security, Backup, Disaster Recovery, Redundancy/Failover
6.1 End-to-end Execution - Project Management & Delivery Expertise
6.2 Change Management
6.3 Execution Strategy - In-house, Out-sourcing & Off-shoring
6.4 Technology & Vendor Due Diligence
6.5 Staff Development and Team Building
6.6 Roll-out & Training/Knowledge Transfer
7.1 Product Solutions
Cost Reduction & Rationalization

IT Spend Reduction

Scorpion provides an independent analysis of your IT spend over the last few years. Our encyclopedic IT knowledge and experience can quickly determine savings of up to 40% or more without any functional impact to the business. We will find the real answers to questions such as:

   • Are you getting true value for your IT spend?

   • Does IT spending seem to always increase regardless of business       growth?

   • Since Technology gets cheaper and faster every year why does your       IT budget not reflect this?

   • Can your real estate and utility costs be reduced by server       virtualization and consolidation?

   • Did you choose optimal vendors for your requirements and are they a       good fit?

   • Have your Vendors been taking advantage of you on licensing and       support costs?

   • Are you paying more than your peers to the same vendors?

   • Are your vendors meeting their Service Level Agreements (SLA) with       you?

   • Are you using all the software you are paying for?

   • Are you large enough now to take advantage of bulk rate discounts       from your vendors?

   • Are you better off buying floating licenses rather than static ones?       (Floating licenses restrict how many users can use the system at the       same time)

   • Can your real estate costs be reduced by moving your data center to a       remote location?

   • Can many of your software tools be replaced with lower cost or open       source tools?

Process Efficiency Analysis

Whether it’s Supply Chain Optimization, Request Handling, General Operations or the Systems Development Life Cycle, significant time and cost savings can be achieved by having an independent analysis performed. Times have changed; Technology has changed; Best Practices have changed. Has your business processes changed to take advantage of them? Scorpion can examine your current company processes, map them out along with your systems and find the real answers to questions such as:

   • What is your cost per hour to the business of system downtime?

   • What is your system downtime for the last 24 months?

   • Are you making the right choices for Build vs. Buy for new initiatives?

   • What are the savings from having the right ratio of Analysts to       Developers to QA Testers?

   • What are the savings from automating your QA, Build, Package,       Release and Rollback processes?

   • What are the savings from making your serial processes more parallel?

   • Are there good reasons behind all the steps in your current processes       or are some just legacy?

   • How much time is lost due to issues with configuration management,       setup and quality?

   • How much time is lost in diagnosing issues, could improved systems       instrumentation reduce this?

Scorpion can answer these questions by analyzing their underlying issues and context, and quickly come up with the optimal solutions. If you then wish to move forward with some of these initiatives Scorpion can oversee and manage the project while mitigating the risks and minimizing any downtime or impact to the business.