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TRADOS and Uniscape to Merge

Combination Will Create Industry Powerhouse In Language Technology Solutions

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA — MAY 23, 2002 — TRADOS Incorporated, the global leader in language technology solutions, and Uniscape, Inc. today announced that they had reached an agreement to join forces in a merger that will create the world's leading provider of language technology solutions. This merger will bring together the companies' complementary product lines and people, creating the only company to offer a complete business solution that extends across the entire translation value chain, from the global corporation to individual translation professionals.

TRADOS and Uniscape share a proven track record of providing superior language technology applications and tools. For 18 years, TRADOS has set the standard for translation memory and terminology management solutions. By combining with Uniscape, a recognized leader in enterprise globalization management software, Trados will extend its product offering by automating the enterprise business process surrounding the management of multilingual content. Together, the combined product offering will empower global companies to quickly and cost-effectively deliver mission critical multilingual content --for product documentation, software interfaces, web sites and marketing collateral.

Dev Ganesan, CEO and President of TRADOS, will be the CEO and President of the combined company. Joining the core Trados executive team will be Craig Nichols from Uniscape who will be the SVP of Enterprise Sales and Dan Philips who will be the SVP of Product Development. Also, Sameer Gandhi, Sequoia Capital, and Joe Prang, Mentor Capital, will be joining the TRADOS board of directors. Once the merger has been completed, Uniscape, located in Sunnyvale, California, will become the TRADOS Enterprise Solutions division.

"The combined business strategy and product offerings of TRADOS and Uniscape will provide great value to our customers - translation professionals, service providers and global corporations," said Ganesan. "Global companies are not yet fully benefiting from the efficiencies that our technology brings to the complex business processes associated with translating corporate content. The new TRADOS team is committed to delivering a technology platform to the language industry and its customers that will enable businesses to be more competitive and productive."

"From the enterprise standpoint, the critical issue is how to link core business processes seamlessly with the back-end business processes in the translation supply chain. TRADOS products are already entrenched among localization and translation service providers and freelance translators worldwide. With this merger, enterprise customers have a single source for their language management and technology needs. This should help them to achieve greater process efficiency and cost savings," commented Frank Gilbane of Gilbane Report.

Steve McClure, a program vice president in IDC's Software Research Group, said, "Localization and translation service providers are likely to benefit greatly from the extended technology set, and the increase in demand for TRADOS-related systems from enterprise customers. From outsourced project management to internationalization and localization services, it is clear that qualified service providers will win new business through their investment in TRADOS technology. The new company will have a significant influence on re-shaping the traditional translation value chain, which has suffered from insufficient automation technologies and the resulting inefficiencies this produces."


Global companies recognize that to produce and deliver culturally relevant mission critical localized products, they must use humans to translate their material and create valuable multilingual content. Product documentation, software interfaces, web sites and marketing collaterals can be localized in many languages quickly and cost-effectively. Only the TRADOS Technology Platform standardizes the complex translation and associated business process across the whole value chain from the enterprise to the individual translators.

TRADOS solutions drive quick, tangible benefits for clients by accelerating the delivery of the multilingual content, and reducing the associated operational costs. With over 55,000 licenses representing the vast majority of the current translation technology market, TRADOS is the industry standard among professional translators, enterprise solutions providers and worldwide leaders such as Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, SAP, Volkswagen, NATO, Berlitz and Bowne Global Solutions. More information is available on www.TRADOS.com.

About Uniscape
Uniscape is a leading provider of globalization software and services that enable Global 1000 enterprises to cost-effectively increase revenue, enhance customer loyalty, and project a powerful global brand. More information is available on www.uniscape.com.

Uniscape's award-winning globalization management software (GMS) automates the costly and time-consuming manual processes required for the globalization management of enterprise content. With Uniscape's GMS, multinational corporations minimize the costs of localization and enjoy faster time-to-market for products and services, consistent brand and messaging, and the efficient delivery of the latest content to customers, partners, and employees worldwide.