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Table of Contents  Walter is leading Irish team in the Information Olympics
7.5 Scorpion Geniuses Save the World
7.4 How an Irish Genius Saved the World
7.3 Irish Daily Mail Interview
7.2 Scorpion Show - First Look
7.1 FOX News: Boston Bombing Video Forensics
6.9 Scorpion engaged by top military officials
6.8 Robert Patrick Talks Scorpion
6.7 The Late Show
6.6 Art and Living
6.5 Wealth Summit Keynote Speaker
6.4 Scorpion Promo 1
6.3 Scorpion Promo 2
6.2 Live Interview
6.1 Fox News Report
5.9 National Press Headlines
5.8 Kilkenny Reporter
5.7 Kilkenny People
5.6 Irish Central
5.5 Wexford People
5.4 Geniuses to the Rescue
5.3 New York Post
5.2 Gorey Guardian
5.1 Scorpion TV Show Approved
4.9 Fox News China Cybercrime
4.8 CBS to Pilot Scorpion TV Show
4.7 Walter O'Brien added to CAA's prestigious speakers
4.6 Family Office Investment Symposium
4.5 FOA Spring Global Summit
4.4 Forbes and MSN
4.3 Most Innovative Product Award
4.2 Family Office Association
4.1 How NOT to get burned
3.9 U.S. National Interest
3.8 Daily Transcript
3.7 ScenGen in the U.S. Navy
3.6 Irish Times
3.5 Cyber Law and Business Radio
3.4 Implementing SME Based Governance
3.3 LawLoop
3.2 CTO Forum
3.1 Pasadena Optimist Club
2.9 American Environmental
2.8 Microsoft-Trados buys Uniscape
2.7 Microsoft acquires 20% Trados
2.6 Fujitsu acquires Glovia International
2.5 Appointment
2.4 The Next Bill Gates
2.3 Worth Millions!
2.2 SBS, Oak & Microsoft Launch
2.1 IT Awards
1.9 Computer Whizz Kid
1.8 World Olympics
1.7 The Wizard
1.6 First in Ireland - Again
1.5 Brain Team
1.4 Information Olympics
1.3 Live CNN Interview
1.2 Uniscape-Trade Show
1.1 Youngest Scientist

Walter is leading Irish team in the Info. Olympics

A YOUNG MAN with very strong New Ross and district connections is leading the very first Irish team m the Information Olympics which are to be held in Argentina.

He is 18·years-old Walter O’Brien, whose father, Maurice, is a native of Cushinstown, and his mother, Anne, nee Ronan, hails from New Ross. They lived at Borohill House, Clonroche, until about five years ago and the families are now based near Callan in Co.Kilkenny.

The remarkable thing about Walter’s achievement is that he is a self-taught computer expert who left for Sussex University two weeks ago to talk on ‘Artificial Intelligence’ which is all about getting computers to think like humans. He has also been to Queen’s University where he was involved in a research project involving experts from England, Australia, America, etc.

He attended Courtnacuddy NS, Enniscorthy CBS and the CBS, Callan. He has competed against and has beaten Andrew Farrell, the child prodigy who was featured on the Late Late Show.

The three-man Irish team, which he leads in Argentina, is being sponsored by Cara Data Processing, while the Argentinian Government will pick up the tabs in Mendoza.