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About the Real Scorpion

Scorpion is a global think tank for hire that solves ANY funded problem with a budget over $10K. Imagine if you had a super butler at your service, someone whom you outsource any problem to that is not your core competency; that is what we do, we provide you with solutions every step of the way. Even if the problem is not well defined or you are not sure if it is cost feasible, we can help you get answers without having to do the homework yourself. Our engagement model is risk-free as there is no fixed bid commitment, no lock-in long term contract, no penalty for cancelling, in fact, if you do cancel you even get your money refunded for any hours you have not used.

For 30 years now we have provided intelligence on demand as a concierge service from a network of World Class Experts to solve problems big and small. We use the discipline and best practices from science and engineering and apply them to life problems. Every challenge is thoughtfully project managed to conclusion. We have earned the trust of our clients who retain us for years as their strategic partner and trusted adviser to augment their intelligence and staffing. A rent-a-brain service if you will.

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About Scorpion

Examples of Funded Problems:

We can solve any funded problem

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  • We saved $43 billion in opportunity risks over a five-year period.
  • We achieved a 6000% increase in transaction processing speed.
  • We invented an efficiency engine that performs 250 human years of work every 1.5 hours with greater than 99% improvement over human error.
  • We drove compliance risk to zero and passed SAS70 audits 100%.
  • We achieved savings of $52 million per year through automation frameworks.

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Scorpion serves clients with needs in information-technology design and architecture, cyber security and general strategic problem-solving.


Solutions targeting startups, companies switching direction or entering new territory investors assessing investment opportunities.

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Rapid solutions to immediate challenges within your company. “Deep Dive” root cause analysis, defect identification and resolution using proprietary tools and solutions.

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System Architecture & Design. Longer term solutions ensuring critical decisions start your major initiatives on the right track. Key hire selection.

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Process & Management

The practical application of quality & processes disciplines that deliver permanent improvements to the maturity level of your organization.

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Quality & Risk

Rapid problem resolution & stabilization for systems & operations projects turnaround. QA test automation techniques that save over 80% in cost and time.

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Project execution and ongoing support solutions for your initiatives. Customized, hands on training to ensure successful knowledge transfer to in-house staff.

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